Electric Motors – Uses

The electric motor is a machine designed to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric induction motor is the most used of all types of existing motors, https://www.mrosupply.com/page/mrosupply-coupon-codes/ because they combine with them the advantages of electric energy use, low cost, easy transportation, cleanliness and simplicity of control with its simple construction, lower cost of maintenance and have great versatility of suitability the loads of the most diverse types and better yields.

The most common types of electric motors are DC motors which are higher cost motors and in addition need a DC source, or a device that converts AC to DC. These types of motors operate with adjustable speed between wide limits and lend themselves to controls of great flexibility and precision. Therefore, its use ends up being restricted to special cases in which these requirements compensate the much higher cost of the installation. The AC motors are the most used, because the distribution of electrical energy is usually done in alternating current.

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